het hof

Eerst Een Thuis Magazine by the Utrecht municipality asked me to illustrate my personal interpretation of ‘home’. I chose to depict (the outside of) my circular workspace at het Hof van Cartesius, because it feels like a second home to me. Maybe even my first home if you measure by the time spent there the last 5 years. A unique place, where I can give sense to my life next to work and personal stuff by contributing to a sustainable way of building and living on this planet. Its community connects circular entrepreneurs and idealists. This empowers them, causing a bigger and faster impact. We want to show that this method works and provide a safe place for this community. Want to support us in this mission? This is possible by becoming a Friend, Donor or Partner of Het Hof through the following link: https://www.hofvancartesius.nl/speelmee

Project pictures